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Forgotten Wars Changes

gm forsaken

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Hi, people!


This is just to let you know that Forgotten Wars get bigger and better, and that its undergoing some changes.


As you may already have noticed, FWP and FWS are merging into FW, as it should have been from the start. All FWP and FWS modders will be found in the same place. We are currently housing more than 20 completed mods and another big bunch underway!


Right now we have a functional website to englobe them all, thanks to TheoTeamBG.


The forums changed a bit in organization. New forums were also created, and the old posts were kept, so you wont be losing much in the merge!


Anyway, all this will be sorted out soon, and hopefully, this change is the best thing that could ever happened to us (people who left because of certain ex-staff members are of course welcome, as they always were). We'll be bigger, better and united!.


So keep visiting www.forgottenwars.NET and go check the "new" forums http://forums.spellholdstudios.net NOW NOW NOW!!!

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