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Area script Length and slowness?


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I recently installed CtB/TDD/SoS and then just CtB/SoS, but when I did, certain areas of the game slowed to a crawl.

It only seemed to be outdoor areas that were not mod-added. i.e. The slums and the Bridge District were virtually un-playable while all of the interior areas, like the house where you pick up the horn of valhalla were fine. Hlondeth was also fine.


I originally thought it was because I had 18k items in my override folder, but an install of just CtB/SoS had the same problem, although to a lesser extent. And it only had 9k items in the override.

A third install with just CtB and some other mods worked fine, and it too had about 9k items in the override.


Which means the size of the override folder wasn't an issue. Anyone know what the insane slowness was caused by? Could the length of an area .bcs file cause such a massive slowdown?


I should add, since I use a mac, the final .bat file that does weidu --make-biff never runs, I have no idea if this can cause a problem, since the mods run fine, except for the slowness.

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Sometimes disabling the auto-protection of your anti-virus can help. Of course, it can't be the sole cause of the slowness on your computer (becuase you said that your game worked fine with some mods uninstalled) but the antivirus can be an additional cause among others if not the main one.

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I figured it out.

Having a 1+gig override folder was the cause, not the number of items.

That is interesting, and could very well be the explanation of the lags I have for a few areas.


Would .biffing them via WeiDU speed up the process? Or is there any other way that resolves this?



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biff'ing the override folder helps enormously.

To get Ctb/TDD/SoS to work I eventually had to biff the override folder, the .tis files and the wav files seprately.


Any more then 10k files in the override also seems to slow things down. And for good measure check your baldur.bcs file. Mine was 500k. Which is HUGE. And it runs constantly (I think), thus can slow things down as well. (although the baldur.bcs is hard to fix, you have to know what all the checks relate to in order to order them in a way that makes more sense and to be able to delete the ones that are totally useless)


Make SURE that if you are biff'ing .tis files, you removed the header when extracting them. (ex. tisunpack -h foo.tiz) Otherwise, you will get very messed up areas. I spent two days trying to figure that one out.


I'm going to repeat that.


Make SURE that if you are biff'ing .tis files, you removed the header when extracting them. (ex. tisunpack -h foo.tiz) Otherwise, you will get very messed up areas.


Only because it drove me nuts trying to find it.


And don't go spastic with the bag of holding. If you install the Magnificant Magic Shop mod, there is a summoning book that summons a store that will buy/sell things for 1% or so of their price. Instant bag of holding, but you don't have to carry it! (the game checks to see if the items you are carrying need to be combined, or otherwise affect you, like the parts of the mask in king stroms tomb, so if you have 500 items in the bag of holding, it has to check all those items every iteration.)

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