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Halfling wisdom

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Yep, confirmed. Dwarves also get double penalized in charisma, erroneously capping them at 16 instead of 17. Purely for consistency, I've moved the dwarven dexterity penalty from abracerq to abracead.


// moving dwarven dex penalty to here for consistency
COPY_EXISTING ~abracead.2da~ ~override~
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 1 2 7 ~-1~ // -1 dex for dwarves

// moving dwarven dex penalty from here for consistency; halflings should be allowed 18 wis and dwarves 17 chr
COPY_EXISTING ~abracerq.2da~ ~override~
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 1  3 13  ~4~ //  4 min dex for dwarves
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 1  4 13 ~18~ // 18 max dex for dwarves
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 1 12 13 ~18~ // 18 max chr for dwarves
 SET_2DA_ENTRY 5 10 13 ~18~ // 18 max wis for halflings

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The discussion was started in another thread, but the bulk is contained here: http://www.sorcerers.net/ubb/ultimatebb.ph...ic/10/5774.html


The executive summary: races have racial min/maxes (abracerq.2da) in addition to penalties and bonuses (abracead.2da). The original racial min/maxes match P&P perfectly, including halfling wisdom and dwarf charisma. None of the racial min/maxes are mentioned in the race descriptions. The penalties and bonuses are mentioned and they match abracead.2da (the original) perfectly. So it looks like we were confusing the maxes with the mentioned penalties--I don't think we should be making either of these changes.

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