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Quest Mod Idea


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Ok, along with my NPC mod, I am working on a quest mod, which is quite new for me.


This mod will had a quest for SoA, concerning an obscure organisation.

This quest will have a few particularities:

-It will start only if you are a female, or if you are a male and have Nalia in the party.


It deals with a dark organisation known as the Sorority of the Black Rose, whose members are infiltrated all over Amn (AMon the shadow thieves, Athkatla's council, Brynnlaw pirate's, etc...)


The idea would be to give the opportunity to give to the female PC to destroy or take the control of the organisation. If the quest is done through Nalia, the Male PC will have to influence her in her choice so that she also may destroy or take the control of the guild. If she does so, her alignement would shift chaotic neutral.


Ok, all of that looks rather good on the paper, but I don't know if I'll be able to do all the coding by myself.


So if someone is interrested in helping me, I would gladly accept. Otherwise, i'll try to do it myself, or cut some parts.


So, what do you think about the overall idea?

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The basic idea sounds like it has good potential to me, since this area of the Realms does tend to have a lot of that kind of thing going on. By inventing a new secret society you also escape the trap of having to deal with canon characters.

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It says that it's a quest, that's about it. ;) Heh, I don't think it's a big deal if the names are the same, but you can always just change Black Rose to something else if you don't want it to be the same. Heh, it reminds me Eco's discussion on the "Name of Rose" about roses being the symbol of everything.

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I only wanted to point out the same name. ;) Windwalker's mod also introduces some hidden organisation so maybe it makes sense you pick a different name. He wanted to expand it further although I don't know when this will happen as RL keeps him away from modding atm.

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Well, if hte only problem is the name, I can easily change it in Black Thorn for instance.


Anyway, I'm not sure right now about the Nalia part... If I give an option of turning her Chaotic Neutral, I think it may require a change in her banter, wich I might not be ready to do ;)

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