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Lyric bard kit released!


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Yes! Finished my Mod. This is my first kit mod so be nice ;) . The kit is a Lyric Bard Kit. Its a bard who has worse spell casting abilities than normal but some nifty advantages ;) . The link will be back soon!

Sorry for the bad hosting site.


The Kit Description is as follows:


A Lyric is a poetic bard, adept at persuasive tasks. Although less suited to casting spells than other bards, the Lyric can use his command over words to affect nearby enemies.



- New Bard song effect. Each round all enemies around the Lyric must make a save or be pushed away from the bard.

- May reach Specialization level for all swords, darts, slings and sword and shield style fighting.

- Gain power word abilities. Power Word Sleep at level 2, Power Word Silence at level 8, Power Word Stun at level 11, Power Word Blind at level 14 and Power Word Kill at level 18.



- May not learn spells from the schools of Charm/Enchantment, Abjuration or Alteration.

- Can memorize one less spell per level.

- Bard Song does not improve with levels.


PS: Registered!

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Not bad, but nothing special... some hints:


a) don't exclude charm spells him. It's classical bard school. necromancy isn't good for normal bards.


b) song. hmm... it can be better if you give him sleep effect. only hard death metal bands can push someone away with his guitars... ;)


c) Weapons... I don't understand that advantage. Why bard should got that sort of bonus?

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a) Good idea. Will be included in the next release.

b) I thought that was one of the things that distinguished the Lyric from other bards. I dunno about changing it... Why would anyone want to use power word sleep when the bard song does the same thing repeatedly?

c) The weapons bonus is to show that instead of practicing magic so much, the Lyric can concentrate on his fighting more than other bards.



Actually, Lyrics were poetic minstrels in Ancient Greece.



Yea, I've contacted Dragon's Hoard. I should have that crappy link changed in the near future.

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Please find a new host.  I'm traumatized by this: http://www.passion.com/go/page/ad_passion_...45c&pg_photos=1

Yeh, what the hell? They all live near me. ;)


I think it scans your IP to work out where you are then targets you with local lovelies.


Some of the images I got coming up made me glad those people must never venture outside into Oxford... *shudder*

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