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Fixed Spawns Now Available in EasyTutu


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New versions of EasyTutu are now available for download.


Most notably, a complete set of spawn fixes has been implemented: 384 individual spawn points, spread out over 49 different game areas, have been fixed. Not a single conventional spawn point remains. Furthermore, control over the spawning process has been placed into your hands -- the game difficulty level (Novice / Normal / Core Rules / Hard / Insane, as set in the game options) now directly influences the overall difficulty of monster spawns.


Travel encounters (hostile interruptions of your travel from one area to another on the game map) have also been reconfigured so that they too respond to the game difficulty level. A "sanity check" has been implemented for early game travel spawns occurring between Candlekeep and the Friendly Arm, in order to prevent massacres of low-level parties.


Complete details about these updates, as well as the other little fixes that made it into this release, can be found in the EasyTutu change log. The downloads are in their usual place on the EasyTutu page.


Please note that if you currently have an EasyTutu game in progress, you are strongly urged to complete that game prior to updating EasyTutu.



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Hello -


I've created a new add-on for EasyTutu which allows for further customization of the new spawn system. Here are the details, taken straight from the EasyTutu page:


The default behavior of the new EasyTutu spawn system is to populate every spawn point on your initial visit to an area, and then repopulate each spawn point one game day after it has been cleared.  This add-on will allow you to introduce an element of randomness to monster spawning: you may select a base spawn chance (the choices are: 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90%), and the selected percentage is used as the chance of any individual spawn point becoming populated when it is time for a spawn there.  Spawn points will still be limited to a maximum of one spawn per game day with this add-on installed.


This add-on may be installed at any point in the mod installation order, since it only affects EasyTutu-specific scripts.  It may be installed if you have a game in progress, and will affect all (future) spawn decisions in that game.  You may find it most convenient to install this add-on after all other mods you will be using, as doing so will allow you to experiment with the various spawn percentages most easily.  Please note that setting the spawn percentage below 60 or 70 percent may make the game world start to feel a bit barren.


The download is availabe in the "Optional Add-Ons" section of the EasyTutu page. Feel free to post any questions or comments here.

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Hello -


OK, now -- 14 hour mod turnaround time from envisionment through discussion to coding/implementation just HAS to be a record. Cool stuff, MacReady!


The script updates needed in order to implement this were actually pretty simple, so that's why it didn't take too long.


But, thanks. ;) Feel free to post feedback if you get a chance to try it -- I'm still debating which of the choices I actually prefer.

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