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Guest Carolyn
:D Okay, here you go. I can not believe that I am THE only guest/lurker about this place! Hello to one and all :D . Thanks for all the great mods and work y'all do, is my point. I will begin the pointless posts and spamming over the weekend! (JK) :thumbsup:
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Registering Pro's and Con's from Domi (took JC's direct prodding to make me register on FW back when the glaciers were still covering most of Europe...):




-Nobody will use the same name as you, so no confusion

-got spiffy-niffty profile options to play with

-have PM system

-shifts that last person who registered off that lovely spot on the bottom

-get you G3 special birthday greetings :thumbsup:

-gives you that first registered post in the mod forum you love that makes the author's heart melt :D




- Post count...

- will not be able to change your name

- having profile options makes you to sweat over a remarkable signature, artistically pleasing avatar and the likes

- having PM system makes you to clean the Inbox all the time

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Guest Guest

Although I appreciate guest posting, I just guest-posted without any reference to who is talking, as there is no need to put any name, email or anything in so I forgot I am not logged in.



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