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magical throwing dagger that returns to thrower


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Where is the magical throwing dagger that returns to the throwers hand found? Was it added to Durlag's? Or does it become available only in a certain chapter?


After dualing Imoen to mage it's a great weapon for her. I haven't even started Chapter 3 yet but I'd like to get it for her. At Thief 4/ Mage 4 Immy's only one more level from getting her thieving skills back. As a Thief she had Find Traps 90 and Open Locks 60. So I'll shortly be in a position to do Durlag's if that's where the dagger is located.

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Let's see, the modules and other modifications I'm using are:


BG/ToSC and SoA/ToB patched as per instructions

BG1Tutu (beta v.4)

Tutufix v.15

Tutu Tweaks v.16

BG1NPC Banter Pack v.11

LadeJarl's Tutu GUI v.16

One Pixel Production's 'BG1 paperdoll/item graphics/left-hand weapon fix for BG II'

BG1's music

BG1's spellcasting sounds

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Good grief, am I thinking of BG2 maybe? I just deleted a whole bunch of saved Tutu games, but I could have sworn that I just completed a Tutu game where Imoen had this item... In a current Tutu game I'm about to take the party into Durlag's, so I'll find out if it was there or not.

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Considering the mods you installed I'm pretty sure the magical throwing dagger is added by the BG1 NPC Project. The Boomerang Dagger +2 is not that easy to find since certain conditions have to be given to trigger the appropriate quest:


a) You have to travel to the coast area with the shipwreck, Mad Arcand, the Surgeon and Shoal (AR3100).

b) Kivan is in your party.

c) It's night.


You should be approached if you look around a bit.

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Thanks for solving the mystery. ;)


In the game I'm referring to I did in fact have Kivan in the party, and had completed his quest. And I did visit that area with him in the party (can't recall if it was night time though).


I won't be getting the weapon in the present game then. Very early I dropped Kivan, Imoen, and Garrick from the party in Borland's home in Beregost while the PC went off to solo the basilisk area. When the PC returned to reform the party, Kivan refused to rejoin. Rep was around 12, something like that. Not sure why Kivan wouldn't join up again, but oh well.


I guess I'll have to be content with Imoen hurling darts in this game (she's been dualed to mage).

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