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More stuck Kivan dialogue

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Kivan seems to want to speak everytime I'm speaking to someone else, he comes into the middle of the conversation. Started happening as soon as I picked him up and went to the circus tent. Managed to get through it without too many drama's, but then when you leave to go the Slums, he interrupts in the middle of the convo with Gaelen, doing his "Yes the shadows are growing and the night is coming speech". He seems to be stuck on that one.

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I do not quite understand your bug report, so are you trying to tell me that Kivan says random lines instead of the interjections, and then when he should have interjected in Bayle's dialogue, he uses an unrelated line?


If that's the case, I thionk that the most probable explanation is that your dialogue.tlk got messed up. That could have happened if you had an earlier installatioon of the mod and did not unintall it before installing this version, or when installing/reinstalling the mods. It's just one of those things that happen.


Another possibility is that the RandomNum() function I am using to reduce amount of the interjections in the Promenade and Slums does weird things, and I will check for it momentarily from my install. Hold on there.

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I replayed some of the Curcus and entry to the Slums, and everything seems to be normal. RandomNum() works as intended, ie in some cases Kivan interjects with a proper line (which is "I can think of many, but the information this man sells is valuable".) and sometimes remains silent.


So, unfortunately, you have a messed up install. You can try to just completely uninstall Kivan and every mod you installed after him in the reverse order of the install (ie you uninstall the latest installed mod first, and so on) and then reinstall them, to see if it helps to put the strings right. If it does not help (it might not) I recommend unistalling all of the mods, and doing a clean install, because once the dialogue.tlk is messed up it's the best way to fix it.

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he's basically talking about the same thing constantly the "yes the shadows are growing" speech, and he keeps bringing this up in the middle of someone elses converstation, which tends to stuff up that conversation.


It does seem like there was a bad install, so I'll do an uninstall and go back through it again

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