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Coran question


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In the Tutu mod (perhaps with whatever Tweak Packs options I selected?), Coran has profs in two-handed sword. My question is:


Will Coran be a more effective meleer


a) hasted with Argain's Sword (two-handed sword +1, damage 2-11, THACO +1), or


b) unhasted with Spider's Bane (two-handed sword +2, damage 3-12, THACO +2)?


I ask because when Haste is cast upon the party, the wielder of Spider's Bane remains unaffected by that spell. So it might make sense for me to buy back Argain's Sword from the merchant I sold it to, for Coran to use when the party is hasted.


(Note: Typically I have Coran equipped with the bow (and it's longbow in Tutu). But due to party composition he has to step up and melee every so often.)




Edit: Someone on another forum just gave me the solution to this: Cast Haste without Spider's Bane equipped, then equip it, and the character will be hasted.

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