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CR Bug Report: TDD/BP Component Not Working


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I'm going to try this out with a BP-BGT game. Wish me luck! :D


EDIT: seems it's not compatible. The "remove TDD/BP cleric kits" component seems to have no effect, with all those kits still there. WeiDU comes up with "Error Clearing [*.IDS] in [.]" when attempting to install any of the new kits, right after the "Added <whatever> Kit" message... though they are in KITS.IDS.


Also, the "Nightcloak of Shar for Viconia" component says it's copying & patching 7262 files(!) and then just seems to lock-up. I assume it's not supposed to do that :D


The only thing that doees seem to be okay right is the main component.


I'm going to try it out with plain BP sometime, to see if the same problems crop or not. But first I'm going to play my other install of BG2, which only has other WeiDU mods on it. CRMix and UBv6, here I come! :D

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