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Azure Edge +3 is still FUGLY

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The thrown icon uses a regular throwing axe BAM. The original used the same BAM for both. Being that all the other multi-purpose axes and daggers you can get your hands on use the same BAM whether thrown or used in melee I think that little remnant of the original Baldurdash has got to go.

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The thrown icon uses a regular throwing axe BAM.


I'm not unhappy with that idea; although it does make it convenient to know which mode you are in.


One thing I'm peeved about is the fact an axe which is, essentially, called "blueedge" is pink. Also the pink on pink pulse effect is pointless; so I kinda made a nice mod.


I modded the baldurdash AX1H10.ITM for color after accidentally making a crash by using a cycle color and the pulse when I implemented the fix on my own. :)

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