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G3 Tweakpack and Ease of Use


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Guest Guest_TheNegaDruid_*

I have a few questions along these lines myself, concerning the EoU and Tweak Pack.


What about Blucher's Un-nerfed Thac0, spell progression, and so on in Ease of Use? How much different is it from your own alterations using the PnP Spell Progression thing?


Further, how about the Wear Magic Armor and Magic Rings component. I believe the Ease of Use allows the +AC to work normally on both ring and armor(a bit more of a cheat then a fix), while the G3 Tweak allows the AC to be turned 'off' and just add the save benefits.


I'm not entirely sure on the last bit, but I thought the EoU made it so the armor stacks as well. Though I might actualy be mistaken.


Are they basically the exact same components? Are there any differences?

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