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GAM 1.1, 2.0 Header


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The IESDP currently has offset 0x60, Bit 0 undefined in both GAM 1.1 and GAM 2.0. I've verified it's function with both file versions; BG1:TSC and IWD:HoW (GAM 1.1) and BG2:ToB (GAM 2.0). It should also apply to BG1, IWD, and BG2:SoA.


0 = Party AI is On

1 = Party AI is Off

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Bit enumeration starts at zero, and not all bits work in all games.


For BG1:TSC, IWD1:HoW, BG2:TOB...


Bit 0: 0 = Party AI enabled, 1 = Party AI disabled

Bit 1 + Bit 2: 00 = small dialog window, 01 = medium, 10 = unused, 11 = large

Bits 3-7: Unknown (don't have any visible effect)


For IWD:HoW, BG2:TOB...


Bit 4: 0 = Normal, 1 = Hide GUI

Bit 5: 0 = Normal, 1 = Hide left (options) panel

Bit 6: 0 = Normal, 1 = Hide right (portraits) panel

Bit 7: Unknown (doesn't have any visible effect)


I haven't researched IWD2 yet, and I don't have PS:T. I tested each of the above bits with each of the mentioned games (expansions installed). I suspect the unexpanded IWD is like BG1, as HoW introduced BG2's additional interface controls and 800x600 graphics support that the original game didn't have. BG1's expansion didn't change BG1's interface in this regard; same with BG2.

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