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Here's my latest question, though I don't think it can be done due to the limitations of the IE engine


FadeFromColor([30.0],0) or the FadeToColor


We alll know that it fades the screen from black. But what if we wanted to fade to/from another color before storing/restoring our party locations?


I've tried putting 255 which I think is red, in the fields for both 30.0 (30.255) or 30.0],255) but it is still the default black. Anyone get another color with success?

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The initial number in the brackets is the number of AI updates it will take to fade. I'm not sure anyone knows what the second number is. Or what the second parameter is.

It seems to be one of those things that no one has cared enough about to research.

So feel free to tell us if you figure anything out. ;)

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