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Hardcoded interface workaround

Guest Patrick

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Guest Patrick

Hello. I'm just starting to think about modding things, and it looks like fun. Work, but fun. And I love BG2, so why not try it? (Of course, it wasn't designed to be modded, is a pain in butt, etc.)


One question I had concerned the Fighter. I wished to make a kit for Fighters, with the specific changes that:


Can only go up to 3-slot proficiencies (except Two-handed style and Sword and Shield style, which are capped at 2-slots)


Gains limited thieving abilities. These are hardened, like the Ranger's stealth. That is, the Fighter automatically gains certain amounts of these at level up and gets no more. Furthermore, the Fighter gains only Detect Traps and Pick Lock/Disarm trap (mostly for the early game if you dislike the available Thieves).


Call the character a Dungeon Delver or some such.


You can't use any buttons because you can't change the interface code, right? However, can you use shortcut keys? Secondly, is there a way to make detect traps an automatic, passive ability?


Very sorry to bother you. Cheers!

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Guest Guest

What do you mean by "ugly"? It's certainly going to be inelegant, but sometimes that's the only way to go. I'm looking at various options, including using special abilities (Detect Trap and Knock) instead.

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Guest Patrick

Yes, there is...


Because it's a Fighter Kit.


The class goes up in level according to the Fighter XP table. It gets full BAB and the full Fighter proficiencies. It gets d10 hit points and can wear heavy armor (though I don't recomend it). AFAIK, there's no way to do those in game except through similarly ugly hacks, and some cannot be done even through that.


If I made it a thief kit, I'd have to add many more things, and the character could not be any more elegant.

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Hrm, just a random idea, but is it possible to activate detect traps and remove traps through a new button in the special abilities section and scripting? That would solve the problem, assuming you could do it.

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Guest Patrick

I decided to modify things a bit.


Fighter base

-Max 3 in proficiencies (Hey, that's a pretty big deal!)

-Find Trap +1/day at levels 1, 6, 11, 16, 21 (They only get 4 in total.)

-Set Trap +1/day at levels 2, 8, 14 (They only get 3 in total, so they can't even set the max allowed in the system.)


I did think that to add a hint more interest, the class ought to get some utility stuff. I was thinking Prot from Pertrification, Goodberry, Resist Fire/Cold, Resist Deisease, and Slow Poison 1/day (gained at various levels dring level up. None of these are powerful and can hardly be said to unbalance it, while. It mostly means you don't


Some people have suggested I make it a Ranger class. I'm not sure, since that might mess up the alignment (I see no reason people can't play an evil Nomad). Anyone know what happens if you play a Ranger or Paladin kit and allow more alignments than are standard?


Lastly, anyone know a good tutorial on making gained abilities? I can't see to find any good documentation on it.

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The character Falls if their reputation goes too low.


Gained abilities are just spell files, applied by a CLAB. CamDawg's kit tutorial in the Tutorials board here explains more (check the index thread for a link). :)

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Guest Guest

Sorry, evreyone, I just realized I was an id-10-t.


I can just add the hex value of the utlity restrictions for fighter and stalker together and the character works out fine, item-wise. In fact, there are only five fighter items that the character might really want but couldn't use:


Amulet of Power

Helm of the Rock

Wong Fei's Ioun Stone

Shakti Figurine

Staff of Curing


I figure most won't even notice they can't use them. Sorry for being an idiot. Still learning.

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You could have a script or CLAB cast the spell on him each round. In which case it'd be best to use a copy of the spell, and false out the name, so you don't get a "Find Traps" message in the dialogue window every few seconds.

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Guest Patrick

Here's an update: got all the basic tp2 done, working on the CLAB.


OK, no more thief abilities. Can reach level 3 proficiency in the following: Axe, Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninja-To Dagger, Warhammer, Club, Spear, Flail Quarterstaff, Longbow, Shortbow, and Sling; stuck to 2 in the others. In other words, Nomads aregood with nomad-style weapons (spear, scimitar), those used as tools (axe, hammer), or hunting weapons (bows). Can reach normal fighter maximums in weapon styles.


I added the hex codes for both Stalker and the code for parent class (base fighter, here). So the character should be limited to only those weapons a Stalker AND a fighter could equip.



Here's the basic level setup I have in mind. I'm thinking about adding in 'Protection from Hold' to go with the 'Protection from Petrification'. Should I do that? Should I add in any other special abilities (possibilities are at the bottom)? None of these abilities are powerful: they're mostly there to make the player's life a little easier and fit the theme.




Level 1: AP_SPWI108 (Protection from Petrification innate)

GA_SPPR207 (Goodberry 1/day)


Level 2: GA_SPCL412 (Traps 1/day)


Level 3: GA_SPPR205 (Find Trap 1/day)


Level 4: AP_SPCL143 (Speed Factor -1 innate)

GA_SPPR207 (Goodberry 2/day)


Level 5: GA_SPPR205 (Find Trap 2/day)


Level 6: AP_SPCL142 (+1 AC innate; a small concession to those who solo single-classed)

GA_SPCL412 (Traps 2/day)


Level 7: GA_SPPR207 (Goodberry 3/day)

GA_SPPR205 (Find Trap 3/day)


Level 8: AP_SPCL143 (another Speed Factor -1 innate)


Level 9: GA_SPPR205 (Find Trap 4/day)


Level 10: GA_SPCL412 (Traps 3/day)


Level 11: GA_SPPR205 (Find Trap 5/day)



Cure Disease: SPPR317

Slow Poison: SPPR212

Detect Invisibility: SPWI203

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