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end of game and exporting PC into BG2


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I just finished a game using BG1Tutu/Tutu Tweak Pack/BG1 NPC Banter Pack.


The game saved after I defeated Sarevok. Then I was able to load the Final Save and continue playing to defeat the rest of Sarvok's party. After that I exported the main character. I do see that the character was saved into the BG2 'characters' folder.


Now I would like to continue on with the same character into BG2. Do I have to uninstall Tutu in order to do that?


I had been starting Tutu by opening BGMain. I figured that I could still play BG2 if I wished, although I hadn't checked until now. Now I find that when I try opening Baldur's Gate II - Throne of Bhaal, it starts Tutu. So uninstall Tutu?




Edit: Gah, I see on the PPG Tutu instruction page that you do need to uninstall. Apologies for not doing my homework before I posted.

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Hey, if you uninstall everything and do a clean install of BG2/TOB or whatever, remember to drop your character file (or savegame) off somewhere outside the BG2 directories. I learned this the hard way, with no backup...

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