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139 PlayerDialog(ue)(Object:O)


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The action


139 PlayerDialog(Object:O)

139 PlayerDialogue(Object:O)


causes the active CRE to start a dialogue with Object from any distance. So far, there seems to be no major difference to StartDialog(ue)NoSet(Object:O). However, whereas StartDialog(ue)NoSet(Object:O) causes the active CRE to start a dialogue with Player1 if the Object specified is invalid, PlayerDialog(ue)(Object:O) avoids this effect.


For example, StartDialogNoSet("ELMIN3") causes GATEWA.CRE to either

a) start a dialogue with the CRE with script name ELMIN3 if such a CRE is present (here the player can choose what ELMIN3 says if dialogue options are present)

b) start a dialogue with Player1 if ELMIN3 is not present


If PlayerDialog("ELMIN3") is used instead, only scenario a) occurs, else nothing happens.

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