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Just as a note, Karse Sose (The Portrait Portal) is no longer adding new portraits - at least not at this time. She's kinda burned out. However, her site is still there and you can grab what she has.

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New additions include:


-Billy Yank's Baldur's Gate Photo Portraits

-BG2 Stuff o' Randomness

-Balduran Adventurer's Spa and Grill Portraits

-Baldur's Net II

-Death Jester's Baldur's Gate Portraits

-Marianne's Portraits

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New additions:


-Defenders of the Dale

-Lady Mystique's Portrait Edits

-NiGHTMARE's NPC Beautification Pack

-Immortality's Modder Portrait Pack

-Forgotten Wars Portrait Gallery





-Combined the Image Hosting sites with the portrait list

-New link for Blonde Imoen

-New link for JPS' Portrait Collection

-New link for sporeboy!'s Alternate Female NPC Portrait Set

-New link for The Gibberlings Three Portraits

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This is pretty much on topic.....


A long time ago in a fantasy setting far, far away, I came across a couple of really neat pictures that I wanted to convert into BG portraits. I was Googling for portraits at the time, so the odds are good that they were on some website dedicated to that purpose--the pictures were bigger than most portraits, I think they might have been IWD2-sized. Both images were very much in character with the standard of BioWare art, both in detail and the amount of skin showing. I had no means of saving these pictures to disk at the time, so I had to go home without them.


Those pictures have since vanished without a trace, apparently. I've just plunged straight through the portrait-site list at Pocketplane, and no dice. (P.S. The last site on page 1 and the first site on page 2 are actually the exact same link.) So as something of a last resort, I have to post here and say:




We are:

#1: A Tiefling Sorceress. Flowing dress, mottled skin, claws. Not fingernails, these were definitely claws. No prominent teeth that I remember.


#2: A rather asexual-looking Elven or Half-Elven Druid, with the most remarkable feature being a pair of deer antlers mounted on the back of the Druid's tunic, near the shoulder blades, and with a cloak suspended not from their shoulders, but the tips of the antlers.


Can anybody out there send me and/or direct me to either of these? Many thanks.

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