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BG 2 - Making a new class/kit


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First of all does anyone have the links to the tools i need?With teambg gone im not sure where to get them anymore.


Secondly does anyone have an idea how this could be done?


I am thinking of making a class/kit that has the abilities of a fighter, mage, cleric and thief, or such. I assume this would involve (mostly) copying and pasting the class abilities from another class?

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What about, say, modifying an existing class?In BG1/2?


To a degree. You can change abilities gained at certain levels, but you're not gonna be able to change some more complicated aspects of various classes. Also as a sidenote, unless you are pnp'ifying the classes as we've done in various mods, people might not be too pleased about modifications to the base classes.

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As a start im trying to allow all weapons for all classes. Ive edited the .2DA file and placed it in override folder but am not seeing any effects whatsoever?


Are you talking about CLASWEAP.2DA? AFAIK it doesn't actually do anything in BG2; it's just a holdover from BG1. I mean, according to that file, priests of Talos can wield any weapon, cavaliers can use bows, etc. For some reason you still seem to have to include an entry in it for a new kit, though.


To accomplish what you want, you have to edit each and every relevant .itm file. That might sound like a daunting job, but actually all it takes is a couple of lines of code in WeiDu :).

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