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how to fix slower walk rate for BG2?


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I just completed a Tutu/Tutu Tweak Pack/BG1 NPC Banter Pack game. At the Final Save, Sarevok had fallen but there were bad guys left to defeat. So I opened the Final Save and completed the battle. I then exported the protagonist's character file. Then imported that file into to a new BG2 game.


But I'm now finding that the character moves at a slightly slower rate of speed than his NPC companions. I guess that must be the slower walk speed of BG1.


Anyway, how can I fix this? (Would I use an editor? If so, can someone please walk me through it?)

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Oh, hmm. I'm surprised this hasn't come up before, actually...


What you need to do is open up your character file in an editor (I'd use NI or DLTCEP, not sure if Shadowkeeper can handle it) and then delete the effects on him called "Movement speed modifier" or something similar.

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Again, thanks for the assistance. :)


Um, I've had very little experience with DLTCEP... Setup wants me to select "setup name" and "game type." I'm playing a BG2/ToB game to which I added SHS's BG1 item BAMs. I assume I'd select "Baldur's Gate II/ToB" as game type. Does it matter what I type in as the "setup name"?

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Okay, so setup name can apparently be anything.


When I try to save the setup, I get a message that "setup is not complete!" It's not clear to me what I have failed to complete.


Is there a set of instructions available somewhere? Or is there something very simple I'm overlooking? Like deselecting "read only" or something like that?




I can't see how to open a saved game... But I tried exporting the character file to work on it that way. Without completing setup, from Edit I selected Creature, then Load External Creature from the BG2 characters folder.


These are the Effects that are listed:


1 Unknown(233) (0x1 0x60)

2 Unknown(233) (0x1 0x6a)

3 Unknown(233) (0x2d 0x5e)

4 Unknown(233) (0xXa 0x71)

5 Unknown(176) (0xfffffffd 0x0)

6 Unknown(187) CDBARB (0x63 0x0)


Is any of these related to movement?

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Sounds like the quickest way for you to fix this is to go ahead and use ShadowKeeper. Download SK if you don't already have it. Make sure you re-point it to your actual BGII - SoA installation if you used SK in EasyTutu; if not, just double check under Settings>Installation Directory. Then:


1. Open saved game in SK, and look at NPC you want to change.

2. Check the Affects tab and clear 0x00B0 -3 (if it is there, you installed the BG1 movement stuff from TutuTweaks; this is what we want to get rid of).

3. Save changes, exit SK, and fire up BG2, loading your edited save.


I have done this each time I have taken a character all the way through, because I always install the Walking Speeds component. I wonder; is there a way the community could incorporate a fix for this into something? Perhaps a check on imported characters scripted into BG2 by Tweak/EoU/et al


hope this helps! :)

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DEFINITELY listen to NiGHTMARE -- keep a save, and if at all possible, learn how to move up to DLTCEP or NI. My post was to help if you cannot get NI working.


I may not have personally noticed any direct problems in my games, but all of the standard BG websites have posts concerning potentially SK-created problems.

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Well interestingly enough, I just found that the game keeps crashing on me when I try to enter the Five Flagons Inn. So I guess I will go back to that save you guys are mentioning and try using DLTCEP.


I would greatly appreciate someone walking me through, step by step, how to 1) go through setup, and, 2) edit the game in question.


This is a Single Player game, and I'm not sure how I would re-import an exported and edited character. So I need to edit the saved game, no?




Edit: Hmm, it crashed at that point as well with the unedited game. Is there a known bug upon entering the Five Flagons Inn?


I had made an archived save before entering the inn. I then tried CLUAConsole:MoveToArea("AR0500") but the game still crashed.

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I've found that the game tends to crash if it's trying to do several exclusive scripting things at once. For example, I left my first visit to the graveyard until after the point that I got a message to go there and meet with Bodhi. The game always crashed upon entering the area at that point. It's a pain, but you might try going to a much earlier save and seeing if the crash is replicated there too.

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Here is Igi's old dltcep setup tutorial, someone save it for the future generations of modders please :)




This is a basic tutorial on how to setup DLTCEP for editing. It is split into sections. Section 1 deals with installing DLTCEP. Section 2 deals with the Initial Setup. Section 3 deals with customising the DLTCEP setup.


Section 1.

DLTCEP is available from the DLTCEP homepage:


Download the file (dltcepXXX.zip - where XXX represents the version and release).

Once the download is complete, open the file, using an zip program (eg. winzip - http://www.winzip.com)/ (use the Windows Find File function if you cant remember where you saved the file to). Extract the dltcepXX.exe file from the .zip, and save it somewhere.

Run the dltcepXX.exe you just extracted from the .zip. If you want a desktop shortcut, enable the option. If you want a startmenu entry, enable the option. If you want a summary of the file formats, based on the IESDP, enable the option. After selecting your options, click Next. Use the Browse button to find the directory you want to install to (or accept the default). Click Install. DLTCEP now installs. Click close. DLTCEP installation is now complete.


Section 2.

Run DLTCEP.exe (located in the directory you installed to in Section 1).

The readme will be displayed. Read it.

You will receive a message: "Please run setup!".

Press Ok.

You should now be at the main DLTCEP screen.

Click "Setup" (bottom left).

You should now be at the DLTCEP setup screen. You can get here again by pressing the Setup button on the main screen.


Setting up the games:

Type a name for the setup (top left)

Select the correct game type (top right)

Select the location of chiten.key (ie. the main game dir)

Select the location of the .dat files (effect descriptions) (ie. the DLTCEP dir)

Click "Add setup" (bottom right)

Click "Save & Back" (bottom left)

DLTCEP will now return to the main screen, and load the game files specified. You might get errors about missing files, this is normal, and these messages can be disabled (see Section 3).

To add another game, simply repeat this process.


Section 3.

Run DLTCEP, and enter the Setup screen.

Notice the buttons "Set Check Options", "Set Edit Options", "Set Weidu Options".

Perhaps the most important is "Set Weidu Options", click this button, and you will be at the Weidu options screen.

Enter the path to the Weidu executable in the box at the top, and click "Ok".

Browse through the other option screens, and change them as you see fit (note the "windows 98" and "larger window" choice in the Editor Options window). Remember to use "Save & Back" when exiting the main option screen to save your changes, or "Cancel" to cancel them.

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