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how to fix slower walk rate for BG2?

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If you want some support about the crash, please enable logging and tell us what is written in baldur.err

[Program Options]
Debug Mode=1
Logging On=1


Thanks much for posting the DLTCEP setup instructions. I will definitely want to edit the walk speed safely.


Really appreciate your assistance here.


I just enabled logging and crashed the game by trying to enter the Five Flagons Inn, and here's what baldur.err showed:


---------------------Start Logging Session---------------------



File: CItem.cpp

Line: 1573


Exp: pRes->Demand()


Msg: no msg.

Run Debugger?


I'm considering back up saved games and doing a SoA/ToB resintall, as perhaps the area file might have gotten corrupted somehow when I uninstalled Tutu.


Another problem I have experienced is that in taking Renal Bloodscalp's quest, and as such having in my possession the papers needed to infiltrate Mae'Var's Guild, the Mae'Var Guild storekeeper Gorch won't talk to my party. I've never done that quest before, but near as I can tell it appears to be broken. I'm experiencing some general bugginess, I think.

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Do you think the wisest thing for me to do at this point is to back up my saved games, and go ahead and uninstall/reinstall? Then hopefully I will be able to continue my saved games and enter the Five Flagons. But I do need to correct the PC's walkspeed regardless.


I now have DLTCEP set up per instructions.


How do I use DLTCEP to open a saved game and edit the charcater's BG1 walkspeed affect? many tnx again for the support :)




I just want to make sure I do this right...


In DLTCEP I have done the following:


Edit menu


Game (GAM) submenu


'Load External Game' button


'BGII - SoA' folder


'save' folder - open the game in question


'Edit PC' button


'Effects' tab


remove effect: 5 Unknown(176) (0xfffffffd 0x0)


Should I now Save Creature as some new name, so that I don't overwrite the original character file?

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Will repost the tutorial, unless someone else already did.

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Sorry for being such a njub, and asking what is to modders probably a rather dumb question. But re: the question I posed immediately above: When editing the saved game to remove the BG1 walkspeed effect from the PC, do I simply 'Save As' the same character name? Or will it matter if I choose a different name?


Just checking. I'm not familiar with this type of editing, and don't want to risk screwing up the many weeks I've put into getting to where I'm at in the game.


Thanks for all the help you've been giving!

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Save as whatever filename you want, just remember to import the correct one when you start BG2.

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The character has already been imported into a BG2 game, but walks slower than the BG2 NPCs. If I choose a new .char file name then that one would be saved to that particular game without overwriting the orginal .char file?

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To change the walkign speed in that saved game, you'd have to edit the saved game itself.


Oh, or what you could do is this:


Load your saved game.

Export your character.

Edit him as shown above.

Reload your saved game as a multiplayer game. (just move it to the mpsave folder from the save folder)

Import your newly fixed main character.

Start the game.

Save it.

From there you can either put it back into the save folder, or leave it in mpsave, or whatever.

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I'm not sure it is the saved game (let alone its modification) which causes that crash in the five flagons.

As this seems to be an item related crash.

The only way a saved game could cause this is that it already contains the five flagons area (ar0509/ar0510).

That shouldn't be possible, but it is possible to remove select areas from a saved game by dltcep (yeah, this is another complicated operation needing a tut).

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I have the game working now, as explained below. At this point I just need to edit the PC's walkspeed. If there is a way to do that more safely with DLTCEP while keeping the SP format that would be nice. But if need by I'll switch to multiplayer.


After saving various files to disk, I uninstalled and removed everything related to the BG series entirely from the computer. No more Black Isle folder, even--everything gone.


I then reinstalled SoA/ToB, ToB patch, and 1PP. It may not have been necessary, but at each step I ran a new game just in case that was needed to populate the files.


It all works fine now, I can enter the Five Flagons. Thankfully I have resumed the game (though I still need to correct the walkspeed problem).


By process of elimination the crashing must have been caused by something related to BG1 and/or all of the Tutu mod stuff I had in the BG II - SoA folder. Even though I had uninstalled Tutu.


Here's how I arrived at that conclusion:


Just to rule things out, I did some methodical testing on another older computer which did not have SoA/ToB installed.


I tried a newly created dummy character and the imported Tutu character, both, each with a brand new game where I CLUAed the PC and Imoen directly to the Five Flagons. For the Tutu character, I tested both with and without the pantaloons. First with unpatched SoA; then with unpatched ToB; then patched ToB; and finally with patched ToB and 1PP, which is what the saved game was using. Then finally the saved game that was originally crashing.


All tests worked upon entering the Five Flagons. Then I tried the saved game, and it worked too. That was a relief, as I spent weeks building this character in BG1 and had done a fair bit of BG2. I'm very pleased that I'll be able to continue with the game.


I did experience one crash, the first time when testing with the imported character w/ golden panatloons in his inventory in a new game just after patching ToB, and before adding 1PP. But in several subsequent tests of the same kind I experienced no problem. Not sure what to make of that. But bear in mind I was using the MoveToArea cheat right out of the dungeon at the first opportunity.

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Once again I'm very, very appreciative for all your help. And sorry for the redundancy guys, this is the last time I will ask this question:


Just seeking assurance I'm doing things correctly


1) Make an archived save of the game.

2) Open DLTCEP.

3) From the Edit menu select the Game (GAM) submenu.

4) 'Load External Game' button.

5) Open the 'BGII - SoA' folder and then the 'save' folder - open the game in question.

6) Select the 'Edit PC' button.

7) Select the 'Effects' tab.

8) Remove effect: 5 Unknown(176) (0xfffffffd 0x0).

9) Since I don't want to overwrite the original character file, Save Creature As any name I wish.


And I should be able to continue with the game with that new version of the character file, and it should all work stably?

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I think that if you want your current single-player saved game to work, you have to save the character back to him/herself and then continue. The suggestions on PPG and G3 seem to indicate that saving and importing via multiplayer will work, because you can swap your new character in - at least one of the Gurus gave some ways of exporting/fixing/importing over there.


For maximum safety (and I am WAY conservative, so perhaps you should ignore me...)

do the above described on the Tutu save, and save the character as a new one, then start a new BG2 game importing the edited character.

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Thanks, and if all else fails I will use the multiplayer approach. This is a game that is already well underway in BG2. :)


I do quicksave and reload a lot. (Haven't played BG2 all that much and I'm still getting the hang of various spells, skills, and strategies for BG2's higher level play.) So if it is no less stable a fix to simply edit the PC within the SP game, loading an SP game will be significantly less hassle than clicking on each indivudual party member for each reload.


Greyfain indicated that I could simply edit the SP game, so near as I can tell that is not likely to result in any instability. All I really want to know is if the way I have outlined it above is the correct procedure. Given that I practically zero experience with the editor, I just don't want to screw it up.

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I don't think it is good to save the creature from the editor as you will not be able to import it back.

I think dltcep can save in .chr format too, but i wouldn't trust that.

What you could do is this:


backup savegame (just to be sure)

load the saved game into dltcep

remove the effect from the character, this consists of these substeps:

- open the character from the .gam editor

- go to the effects list

- remove the movement decrement effect (if you set up dltcep correctly you will see its name)

- leave the character editor, answer yes when it asks about keeping the changes

save the savegame

load the save game again

export the character from the game

reinstall bg2 etc.

start with exported character

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Thanks for the help Avenger.


I did a whole lotta unsinstalling and resinstalling over the weekend, I was hoping I was finished with resinstalling.


When you say "start with the exported character" how do I get the option to import that character in a SP game? You can do that in multiplayer, but SP games don't give that option do they?

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You can only import characters into new single-player games, not existing ones.

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