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As per subj, which state from EA.ids should I assign to a blue-circled NPC for it to count red-circled cres as his enemies and attack them accordingly to his standard script, which is usually geared with (NearestEnemyOf(Myself))? Problem is that I want said NPC to remain blue-circled so I didn't want to use things like Ally() (changing him to green foot circle IIRC). :)

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Chances are it is so. I had to test it to be sure that Goodbutblue NPC will treat Enemy() as, umm, enemy :)

But there's one more prob: is it doable in BG1? EA.ids in BG1 offers much less choices and Goodbutblue isn't among them :)

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Guess and check? ChangeEnemyAlly("whoever",29) and see if it works.


If you just want to have the NPC attack enemies (without having them treat it like GOODCUTOFF), you can do this with a custom script (or SeeEnemy, if you really just want it to attack).

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Thank both of you for the tip :)

I tried WRITE_BYTE 0x270 29 (was too lazy to write script doing the same) and it leads to green-circled creature, much like Ally().

(Edited: I'm speaking about BG1 engine here)


I was hoping there's some elegant way to do it, but perhaps custom script is the only option I have :)

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