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(*Original list and format courtesy of Andyr*)


There are many modding communities out there, most with numerous mods in the making. Please check them out and offer your support.




The Pocket Plane Group:

Site: http://www.pocketplane.net

Forums: http://forums.pocketplane.net

Completed Projects: Kelsey, Getting Rid of Anomen, Ashes of Embers, Banter Packs, Dungeon-Be-Gone, Unfinished Business, NPC Flirt Packs, Virtue, One-Day NPCsâ„¢ (Ghareth, Hessa, & Alassa), Improved Oasis II, Ding0's Tweak Pack, Restored Drow Innates, Cloakwood Squares Episode 1 and 2, Turnip Golem Encounter

Mods-In-Progress: Cailean, de'Arnise Romance, Surayah, Turnabout, Quest Pack, Embers of Empire, Keto


Forgotten Wars:

Site: http://www.spellholdstudios.net

Forums: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net

Completed Projects: BG1Tutu, Cal-Culator, Chloe, Epic Endeavours (WeiDU), BG2 Refinements, Improved Battles, Kiara/Zaiya, Oversight, Redemption, Rogue Re-balancing, Ruad, Silver Star, Tashia, sporeboy!'s alternate female NPC portrait set, Tioma's Mods, Mod Resurrections

Mods-In-Progress: After the End, Anishai, Bard Stronghold Enhancement, BG1 NPC Project, Corthala Romantique, Edwin Romance, Grumpy Old Sod, Harvey, Imoen Relationship, Kivan BG2 Romance, Nocturnal Supremacy, Redemption-The Longer Road, Return to Windspear, Shar-Teel for SoA, Elai, Viekang, The Tower of Iron Will


The Gibberlings Three:

Site: http://www.gibberlings3.net

Forums: http://forums.gibberlings3.net

Completed Projects: BG1Tutu Tweak Pack, CamDawg's BG2 Tweak Pack, Cleric Remix, JPS' Portrait Collection, Sorcerer's Place Collection, NPC Kit Pack, Gray Clan, PNP Celestials, Sharpshooter Kit, Blonde Imoen

Mods-In-Progress: Aklon, Delainy and Durlyle, Lands of Intrigue, The Tiefling Sisters: Keli and Inara, Haer'Dalis Romance, Tabiya, Crossmod Banter Pack, Viconia Relationship



-Site: http://www.teambg.net

-Forums: http://www.teambg.net/forum

-Completed Projects: Tortured Souls, Neverending Journey Part One, Imoen's Romance, Forgotten Children, Freedom's Reign, Reign of Virtue, Shadows Over Soubar, Check the Bodies, Epic Endeavours (Original), The Darkest Day, Dark Side of the Sword Coast, The Big Picture, Baldur's Gate Trilogy

-Mods-In-Progress: Neverending Journey Parts Two-Four, BP-BGT-NEJ, Legacy of Kain TC, Region of Terror (Drizzt Mod), The Fields of the Dead, Fallen Star TC, The Lost Crossroads, South of Fortune, Tristram TC



Site: http://www.weidu.org

Forums: http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showforum=45

Completed Projects: Ascension (WeiDU), Solaufein, Valen, Ease-of-Use, Item Upgrade, Tactics, Spell-50, WeiDU, IWD2 Ease-of-Use, IWD2 Bonus Merchant, IWD2 Undead Targos, Underrepresented Items

Mods-In-Progress: Icewind Gate II


The Chosen of Mystra:

Site: http://chosenofmystra.db-forge.com

Forums: http://chosenofmystra.db-forge.com/mystra_forum

Completed Projects: Ninafer, Desecration of Souls, Dark Ritual, BG2 Subrace Mod, Winter's Bane, Project Auril, Baldur's Gate Adventure Pack, BG1 CoM Item Upgrade, IWD2 Store Add-on

Mods-In-Progress: The Undying, Rebirth of the Drow, Tsujatha Melalor Romance, CoM BG2 Encounters, Shadows of Night, Fade Romance, Return to the North, Dark Horizons, Darkside of the Sword Coast Revision


Black Sheep Mods:

Site: http://users.pandora.be/niz/blacksheep/

Forums: http://frost.bbboy.net/blacksheepmodstoo

Completed Projects:

Mods-In-Progress: Clifton, Halflings at Large, Katiara My'ara, Morgan, Neh'taniel, Star Dragonmaiden's Kivan, Valdenar


RPG Dungeon:

Site: http://www.personal.psu.edu/deg161/mods

Forums: http://rpgdungeon.2.forumer.com/

Completed Projects: Improved Asylum

Mods-In-Progress: Kitanya, Sarevok Relationship, RPG Dungeon Kit Pack


Ashford City:

Site: http://ashfordcity.beigetower.org/

Forums: http://ashfordcity.beigetower.org/forum/index.php

Completed Projects:

Mods-In-Progress: PNP Rulepack, Voehringer NPC, Xaela NPC


DeathMage's Realms:


Forums: http://www.dmrealms.net/board/ikonboard.cgi

Completed Projects: Magnificent Magic Store

Mods-In-Progress: Mazzy Romance, Peril


Glory of Istar (The Dragonlance TC):

Site: http://www.dragonlancetc.com

Forums: http://www.dragonlancetc.com/forums

Completed Projects: Glory of Istar Demo

Mods-In-Progress: The Glory of Istar


Planescape: Vengeance (The Planescape TC):

Site: http://www.planescape-vengeance.net

Forums: http://www.planescape-vengeance.net/forum/

Completed Projects:

Mods-In-Progress: Planescape: Vengeance


Leutian's Online Modding Forum:


Forums: http://www.ocimail.com/por/iwd2/forum/

Completed Projects:

Mods-In-Progress: Reign of the Masque TC




Forums: http://limbomods.hyperboards.com/

Completed Projects: NPC Tweak Mod

Mods-In-Progress: The Third Way, Imoen Enhancements


Horred's Plaguezone:

Site: http://www.plaguezone.com

Forums: http://plaguezone.com/ipw-web/bulletin/bb/index.php

Completed Projects: The Big Picture

Mods-In-Progress: BP-BGT-NEJ


Balduran's Adventurer's Spa and Grill (Macintosh):

Site: http://ire.mainecoon.net

Forums: http://ire.mainecoon.net/yabbse/

Completed Projects: Epic Endeavour (Mac), The Darkest Day (Mac), Dark Side of the Sword Coast (Mac), Slart's Fodder Pack, Kelsey (Mac), NPC Flirt Pack (Mac), Dungeon-Be-Gone (Mac), BG1Tutu Assistant (Mac), Summon Bhaalspawn NPC, Alex Macintosh, Chicken Change





Clan DLAN (Spanish):

Site: http://www.clandlan.net

Forums: http://www.clandlan.net/foros

Completed Projects: Endeble Alianza, TDDsinTDD, Taim, Mhoram, Vendedor DLAN, Bolsa, Mawgul, Nanstein



Rosenranken.de (German):

Site: http://www.rosenranken.de

Forums: http://www.rosenranken.de

Completed Projects:



La Couronne de Cuivre (French):

Site: http://bgworld.leportailweb.com/bg2/

Forums: http://www.leportailweb.com/lacouronne/index.php?act=idx

Completed Projects:



Forgotten Isle (Polish):

Site: http://www.isle.px.pl/

Forums: http://www.isle.px.pl/phpBB2/index.php

Completed Projects:



Biblioteka Riklaunima (Polish):

Site: http://www.crpg.riklaunim.ekonto.net/

Forums: http://www.crpg.riklaunim.ekonto.net/XForum+main.html

Completed Projects:



A.E.R.I.E. Team (Russian):

Site: http://www.aerie.ru/

Forums: http://forums.aerie.ru/

Completed Projects:



BG2 Add-on CZ (Czech):

Site: http://addoncz.gamestar.cz

Forums: http://addoncz.jinak.cz

Completed Projects:

Mods-In-Progress: BG2 Add-on

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Updates include:



-Ashford City



-Added Underrepresented to the Completed Projects for Weidu.org

-Removed Chinchilla Cove

-Added Keto to the In-Progress mods at Pocket Plane Group

-Moved BG2 Refinements from In-Progress to Completed at Forgotten Wars

-Added Tioma's Mods and Mod Resurrections to the Completed Mods at Forgotten Wars

-Added Gray Clan, NPC Kit Pack, PNP Celestials, Sharpshooter Kit and Blonde Imoen to Completed Mods at Gibberlings Three

-Added Tristram TC to In-Progress mods at TeamBG

-Removed Six mod from In-Progress at Black Sheep Mods

-Changed forum link for RPGDungeon

-Added RPG Dungeon Kit Pack to In-Progress at RPGDungeon

-Changed forum link for Limbo

-Removed The Tears of Bhaal from In-Progress at Limbo

-Added Imoen Enhancements to In-Progress at Limbo

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I'm afraid I am booked solid and the worklogs are getting longer instead of shorter (BG1 NPC fixes, Tutu Compatibility Post, and L1 NPCs are backed up with tons of stuff to be integrated)... anyone want to give a shot at a followup for Icelus' post? I can edit stuff in if others can rip through the dtat gathering and post below...

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The mod-list/links area of PPG has a lot of the info, and is already maintained in a reasonably up-to-date manner. It might make more sense to politely suggest a few inclusions or updates there rather than duplicate effort here.


If popular opinion suggests otherwise, though, I'd be happy to help in the limited free time I've got these days.

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