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Modifying spells


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I am having problems understanding how to modify spell effects. Lets take the first level wiz spell. Duration 10 rounds. All the effects however are listed as duration 12 seconds, which makes no sense whatsoever.......a round is 6 seconds. That would mean the spell lasts for 2 rounds, instead of the 10 rounds stated and experienced ingame. I am trying to make some spells "scalable"...that is to say something like making protection from evil 10 rounds + 1 round per level. How do i do this?

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Many spells have incorrect durations; this is a recurring issue we're having to fix with spells.


To make a spell have different effects at different caster levels, you need to make multiple abilities for the spell with different minimum levels. Take Protection from Evil, spwi113.spl. When a 10th level caster uses the spell, it uses the effects from the ability with a minimum level of 10. When it's an 8th level caster, it's the minimum level 8 ability.


To change the duration to 10 rounds + 1 round/level, you need to adjust the durations of the various effects on the abilities.

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You appear to be looking at the BG1 version of the description, but the BG2 version of the actual spell :).


The BG1 description reads 10 rounds, and the BG1 spell's duration is 60 seconds. The BG2 description reads 2 rounds/level, and the BG2 spells' duration is 12 seconds at 1st level, 24 at 2nd level, etc. So both are correct.

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Then you must have some mod installed, since in an ummodded BG1 (which is what I have installed and am checking), the PfE duration is definitely 60 seconds, for both the priest and wizard versions.


EDIT: one BG1 mod I know of which makes this change is Echon's Fields of the Dead.

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I deleted my override folder, that fixed the weird durations.


Okay going back on the topic of changing durations to +1 round per leve and stuff......does that mean i have to add multiple abilities to a single spell, all with different durations, or can i just modify the existing abilities's durations?

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