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Auren Aseph FAQ

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Hopefully this will answer most of your questions. Any other questions you may have can be directed to me via pm or email.


1) What is this mod?


A. This is the Auren Aseph NPC mod for Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.


2) Who is Auren?


A. Auren Aseph is a twenty year old human fighter from Beregost. She is cheerful, intelligent, and headstrong and loves adventure. You can find her in Athkatla in the Slums District at the Copper Coronet. Auren can also be summoned by the Fate Spirit in the Pocket Plane in ToB. NOTE: Auren will not appear if you are of evil alignment.


3) So, what does she do?


A. Auren will join your party if you wish her to and will fight alongside you until you say otherwise or you piss her off. She will banter with your character as well as most of the Bioware NPCs and will have interjections throughout the game. Auren will also romance Nalia if both are in the party.


4) Will Auren romance the PC and/or will there be a friendship path?


A. The answer is 'no'. While this seems to be a big thing for many NPC mods, Auren just doesn't have the personality that would make her desire the PC in a romantic way. Her dream of finishing first, in the spotlight, being remembered as a great adventurer would be overshadowed if she were to be seen as the PC's significant other. Auren will have several talks with the PC and after a few banters, a force talk option will appear and you will be able to interact with Auren simply by clicking on her.


5) I know I shouldn't ask but...


A. Yes, the mod is WeiDU and it is available for Windows and Mac OS.


6) I thought this was a Chosen of Mystra mod?


A. Actually, the mod is mine....oh, I see what you're asking. True, Auren's official initial release was at CoM, however it was decided that she would fare better over here at G3.


7) Could I see her official stats and biography?


A. Sure.


-Female Human Fighter


- Age: 20


STR: 16


CON: 15


DEX: 16


INT: 13


WIS: 12


CHA: 15


- Neutral Good


Biography: When you ask her about her past, AUREN is silent before explaining that she was born in Beregost, not far from your own home. The only daughter of a middle class merchant and his wife, Auren threw herself into the art of swordplay when she was only fourteen. She is barely twenty years old now, but you can somehow tell from the way she carries herself that she is an experienced fighter and has seen much of Faerun. You wonder exactly where she learned how to fight so well and why she has traveled so much at such a young age.


😎 Anything else you can tell us?


A. I'm a really cool person. Oh, the mod...right. Auren is fully voiced and comes with an original soundtrack composed by yours truly. I would highly recommend having Nalia in the party. The mod contains content for SoA and ToB, and there will be a mini (sorta) quest in the ToB portion if Auren and Nalia are romancing.


9) Wait! I still have more questions!


A. I've found that most questions that people have can be answered on the forums but if you like you can also email me or pm me. Email information can be found on the readme and/or looking at my profile.


For a complete list of the content in the latest version, click here.

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