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Reviews on the Auren Aseph mod


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I've played with Auren and I really like her. At first I wasn't sure I would like having Nalia around just for Auren (I usually don't play with Nalia because I've never cared for her) but I actually liked her with Auren. Great job! ;) I really enjoyed the way their relationship develops and grows. I'm really looking forward to the conclusion in TOB.

I didn't always let Auren use her swords because with the mods I have installed I find much better weapons, but I felt too guilty to dump hers so I just let Auren keep them in her inventory. After all, who knows but they can be upgraded in TOB by Cespy? Also, I understand sentimental attachment to certain items.

Thanks for a nice romance that doesn't involve the PC. I LOVE PC romances, but it is also nice to have one that is for someone else in the party as well. :)

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