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Igi's DLTCEP setup tutorial

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Igi wrote this tutorial and I've reposted it at Avenger's suggestion.




This is a basic tutorial on how to setup DLTCEP for editing. It is split into sections. Section 1 deals with installing DLTCEP. Section 2 deals with the Initial Setup. Section 3 deals with customising the DLTCEP setup.


Section 1.

DLTCEP is available from the DLTCEP homepage:


Download the file (dltcepXXX.zip - where XXX represents the version and release).

Once the download is complete, open the file, using an zip program (eg. winzip - http://www.winzip.com)/ (use the Windows Find File function if you cant remember where you saved the file to). Extract the dltcepXX.exe file from the .zip, and save it somewhere.

Run the dltcepXX.exe you just extracted from the .zip. If you want a desktop shortcut, enable the option. If you want a startmenu entry, enable the option. If you want a summary of the file formats, based on the IESDP, enable the option. After selecting your options, click Next. Use the Browse button to find the directory you want to install to (or accept the default). Click Install. DLTCEP now installs. Click close. DLTCEP installation is now complete.


Section 2.

Run DLTCEP.exe (located in the directory you installed to in Section 1).

The readme will be displayed. Read it.

You will receive a message: "Please run setup!".

Press Ok.

You should now be at the main DLTCEP screen.

Click "Setup" (bottom left).

You should now be at the DLTCEP setup screen. You can get here again by pressing the Setup button on the main screen.


Setting up the games:

Type a name for the setup (top left)

Select the correct game type (top right)

Select the location of chiten.key (ie. the main game dir)

Select the location of the .dat files (effect descriptions) (ie. the DLTCEP dir)

Click "Add setup" (bottom right)

Click "Save & Back" (bottom left)

DLTCEP will now return to the main screen, and load the game files specified. You might get errors about missing files, this is normal, and these messages can be disabled (see Section 3).

To add another game, simply repeat this process.


Section 3.

Run DLTCEP, and enter the Setup screen.

Notice the buttons "Set Check Options", "Set Edit Options", "Set Weidu Options".

Perhaps the most important is "Set Weidu Options", click this button, and you will be at the Weidu options screen.

Enter the path to the Weidu executable in the box at the top, and click "Ok".

Browse through the other option screens, and change them as you see fit (note the "windows 98" and "larger window" choice in the Editor Options window). Remember to use "Save & Back" when exiting the main option screen to save your changes, or "Cancel" to cancel them.

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Guest Guerulfus

Is there a way to remove the Line of Sight Shading/Fog with this program? Or do you know of a way to do it, with a mod or code hack?

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If you set up DLTCEP for an EE game, then you must set the Language in the WeiDU Menu, even if you don't use WeiDU. This will make sure dialog.tlk is found.

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Sorry to resurrect this, but how do I specify the language in the WeiDU Menu for an EE game? I went into the WeiDU options and added "--use-lang en_US" to the additional parameters section in the DLTCEP window (without the quotes, of course) but it still loads only the factory-original dialogue content. The dialogue tree editor gives me a laundry list of "invalid references" for all the BG NPC Project added dialogue. Will it not display modded content? Or, more likely, I'm just an idiot and don't know how to code the language reference properly/in the proper place.


I think it's finding the .tlk file because it displays *some* content. It seems to just omit all the mod-added content without ignoring the dialogue tree structure (i.e., it shows the hierarchy of text and response but has "invalid reference" rather than actual content in the tree).



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You need a dltcep with a language combobox, click on the 'use language' checkbox too. This adds the --use-lang option


If it finds the tlk in lang/en_us (or whatever language you selected), then missing texts are more likely a mod installing problem.

Edited by Avenger

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Now to admit my super-noob status (as if my dearth of comments weren't indication enough), where do I find a dltcep with a language combobox? I downloaded the "latest" edition from Sourceforge (dated Aug 2014), but I don't see a 'use language' checkbox. Do I need to track down an older/different edition?


It's too bad that InfinityExplorer doesn't work with EE games.... I already knew how to use that from my BGII-ToB modding days....


Sorry to be a bother. Thanks again.

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Now to admit my super-noob status (as if my dearth of comments weren't indication enough), where do I find a dltcep with a language combobox?

Start the editor, Setup -> Set WeiDU options -> the "Language" line is there.. select the "en_US" -> OK ...

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That's a v7.4 -something to the best of what I can guess from the view ... I have a v7.6d and it has the language line in that window. Get a newer version from here. The newest is the v7.7 in that .zip archive.

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That did it! Thanks! I swear I had just downloaded the "most recent" version, but maybe I was following an outdated link. I think I got there from a different forum....


Thanks again.

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Which effects.dat files should be used with DLTCEP: the ones that come with the latest version of DLTCEP (v7.7 at the time of this posting) or the ones found on the IESDP? A side-by-side comparison of the corresponding files from each source shows they are not the same.


I am unclear on which I should choose for two reasons. First, while the latest version of DLTCEP was released more recently than the latest version of the dat.zip file from the IESDP, some of the "Date Modified" (aka "Last Write") dates on the .dat files files from the IESDP are newer than those that came with DLTCEP. For example, the BG1Effects.dat that comes with DLTCEP appears to have been last modified in 2007 whereas the one that came from the IESDP appears to have been modified as recently as 2013. Secondly, the .dat files from the IESDP include a bgEEEffects.dat which logically would be used for BGEE, BG2EE, and IWDEE, whereas the DLTCEP installation does not come with a .dat specifically for the EEs. Presumably, BG2Effects.dat should be used instead.


Whatever the case may be, it would be nice (and reduce confusion) if the two sources were consistent...

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