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We might need this!


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Somewhere in the past i read a list of error messages (written in baldur.err) prior to a crash.

The assertion messages and bug symptoms are in most cases tell what is wrong, one just needs to understand them.

As new modders quite much tamper with files and then blame it on other mods, and old mods might also have hidden bugs, we need this list.

So, i would like to revive this list and improve it with proven bug messages.

And make it part of IESDP.

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I think i saw it on the bioware forums years ago.

They listed the most common assertion errors and tips how to fix them. (most of the times only reinstall, clear cache, etc)


What we really need is to tell what is the root cause of a crash, the text is most likely cryptic but with the line numbers they are quite unique and could be tracked back to opcode level. Or you could say with 99% surety it is a modded (thus extracted) area whose ambients are still residing in a compressed biff :)

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