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And yes, Camdawg, I would be willing to agree that unless she was actively on lookout, suspecting something unusual, she wouldn't necessarily detect an invisible creature when invisible (Not unless it was someone who hadn't bathed in 5 years standing upwind...)

like a lich...or vampire...how about detect undead???


werewolves hate vampires, so it kinda makes sense she can detect the enemies of her race... :D

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werewolves hate vampires, so it kinda makes sense she can detect the enemies of her race...


Actually, I do believe you are confusing AD&D with another series of RPG's UUF.  


Heh, yes, in AD&D both werewolves and vampires are evil, and yes, both can compete, but its not like they are racial enemies like say, elves are with orcs.


Their antipathy is more of one predator with another...and this doesn't discount sometimes they even work together.

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I think Userunfriendly's right--I can't check for sure because I'm not sure where my 2ed books are, but werewolves and vampires hating each other tallies with my memory of their Monstrous Compendium entries.  I could be wrong, of course, and you've likely seen the relevant books more recently than I have.

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Well, I just checked the regular Monster Manual (AD&D 2nd Edition), and there is no racial antipathy between lycanthropes and vampires.


Mind you, I could buy them being at each others throats as predators, but unless there is something in the varios Von Richtofen Guides (I know I spelled the name wrong), I don't see them being natural enemy.


That said, I am not against them being racial enemies, just realize I haven't found something yet that right out states, "Vampires and werewolves are natural enemies" in anything AD&D related.

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