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effect 80 (deafness)


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Increases both mage and cleric spell failure by 50%

This effect is cummulative, if applied twice, it disables spell casting completely.


I have no idea about innates or if there is any way to make nonverbal spells (which shouldn't be disabled).


Miscast magic modifies at least 2 other stats.

It is known that it modifies the known 51/52 (spellfailuremage/spellfailurecleric) stats.

The unknown innate failure stat is 194.

If it is used with 3-5 types (dead magic spell failures), then it also sets stat #196.


So, i call the new stats as:




(Name them as you wish)


It is notable that effect #308 modifies stat #195, which is right in the middle of these newly discovered stats, so it could do something with spell failures!

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