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Planescape Mod - NPC's

Which style of NPC would you like to see in this mod?  

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Hi there.


Further to the discussion in the other thread regarding this mod, please indicate which selection of NPC's would you like to see in this mod. Any views or opinions welcome.


To clarify the options :


• "'Torment' characters" means Dak'kon, Vhailor, Morte, Nordom, Annah, Fall-From-Grace and Ignus.


• "Canonical" means 'based directly off the lives, experience, et al of the characters during the events featured in Planescape:Torment'


• "Alternate" means 'based loosely on the personalities and abilities of the Torment characters, but from an alternate milieu where they never met TNO'


• "New characters" include other Planescape themed characters such as an abishai, an imp/quasit, an illithid, a celestial, etc.

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New.  Though it's probably best if we avoid more Tieflings :)

Why? Tieflings are fun, although it's probably best if we avoid Annah :p


So, my vote is "new". Also, there's no need imho to involve such extremely unlikely NPCs as abishai or celestial. There's a plenty of interesting mortals in Sigil - dabuses, githyanky, bauriaur (sp?) perhaps, not to mention more common races like dwarves or elves having an additional flavour of being originated from Sigil :)

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OK, the obvious trends is for new NPC's at the moment.


The new NPC's i have designed are : An abishai mercenary, a half-planetar female fighter/cleric, an outcast illithid sorcerer (born with innate magical ability but little psionic ability, hence 'outcast' as the back story will show), a githyanki blade master, and a quasit wild mage. All of them have appropriate back stories and unique abilities and drawbacks, and i've tried to balance them as much as possible with the ability levels of the existing BG2 NPC's.


When i get a chance tonight (tonight 'my time' anyway, its only 11am here ATM), i'll be posting a detailed mod outline/plan/progress thread, which will contain detailed information on the new NPC's planned for this mod. I'll be asking for input on any suggestions for balancing them even more with the existing NPC's, baring in mind that they ARE 'extraordinary' characters and as such will have extraordinary abilities (countered by extraordinary drawbacks as well :))

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an outcast illithid sorcerer (born with innate magical ability but little psionic ability, hence 'outcast' as the back story will show)


Me like, but: How will you go about this one problem: Having demons and illithids in your party whilst wandering about in Amn? Everybody would flee in fear.

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As i'm about to post a new thread outlining the design plans for this mod, this thread is no longer needed. Thanks to all for their input, but if the mods could close it to prevent confusion with future threads, it'd be appreciated :)

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