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Hasted and Blurred

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I cant seem to find any reference to why Kivan seems hasted and in a state of blur when I meet him. It gets annoying after awhile since he is always ahead of the party and I can't see what weapon he is weilding because of the blur. Is this normal for him? ( he is fresh with basic equipment )

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The blur is caused by his cape and is mentioned in the cape's description. I removed it quite quickly because I found it a little annoying, too, and I only put it back on during the more difficult fights.


Very strange I didn't noticed a cape on his paper doll. All I saw was Hood, Leather Armor, +1 Bow and Spear, I am going to have to check again when I get home tonight.



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I haven't noticed Kivan walking faster, but I don't recall reading in his cape's description that is has a blurring or displacing affect.


The last couple of lines in the description is something along the lines of:


"allowing the user to blend into the environment. Most people find the effect a little disconcerting."


Or something like that. It's in the description bit of the item, not the special stats.

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