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== BNALIA ~(Laughing) ...and *then* after all that, I still managed to get back to my room without Aunty noticing.~

== K#AurenB ~Hehehe....wonder what she would have done if she'd found out her little niece was hanging around some-~

== BNALIA ~Shhh!  I don't want the whole group to hear!~

== K#AurenB ~Oh, please, it's not like you're the only one who has ever done that before.~

== BNALIA ~What?!  Don't tell me that *you* have been to a-~

== K#AurenB ~Shhh!  We don't want the whole group to hear now, do we? (She winks)~

== BNALIA ~(She raises an eyebrow) Fine, then...but you can't keep it a secret forever.~

== K#AurenB ~Heheh...that's what you think, Miss De'Arnise.~


theyre talking about the square mod right????

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Guest Ggib Eht
crossmod plz


Heh. I think the only crossmod I would ever release involve the Square would be with the Circle :)

You'd need Kelsey, Keldorn, Anomen, Haer Dalis, Mazzy, Jaheira, Nalia and Imoen to see the content, so you won't be able to even play it. You'll only be able to read the .d files, without the sound effects :)

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As much as i like the effort put in the portrait! Why Rose McGowan, why couldn't you use a no name person for the role?


Well, I suggested to Ace that she might want the default portait to be more BG2ish and pointed out the Rose McGowan portrait at the Portrait Portal saying that it would work assuming she didn't mind it being Rose McGowan. She didn't and well, that's that. Though I'm sure Ace will come along in 8 hours and give her version of events and a better explanation.

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I liked the portrait and Grim's suggestion and I really could not care less if it was a femmed up version of George Bush...the point it that it looked good.


If you are still attached to the old portrait and/or haven't read the readme before playing the mod then I would recommend reading the readme or, if you already have, you should know that Auren comes with another portrait.



EDIT: And why is your question in here?

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