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Core Install?


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Core install is the necassary part of the mod that adds, patches and fixes the dialogues and scripts to prepare them for the additional content. All other components can be installed or not installed as player wishes, but the core has to be for the mod to work properly.


The other components are what adds additional content. Phase 1 adds banter and some quests, Phase 2 adds interjections and some quests, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory from the names of the components.

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Mainly for the mod to work properly, yes, but a couple of issues such as a crash with Kagain (and in the upcoming release Alora's persistent stutter), original BG1 banter not repeating infinetly, and preventing the kick-out dialogues from triggering if you accidently clicked the character are fixed in the core pack of BG1NPC.

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Is there any way to seperate the files required for BG1NPC mod to work and the bugfixes, or are the bugfixes depended on the other files? I just want to play through Tutu w/o the mod, then play through once again withit . I noticed a few extra things put into the game so far with just the core install that weren't in the original. Thanks!

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I tried not to add any "visible" content in the core install, but the goal of that component is to make the mod work and allow the player the flexibility of introducing whatever components s/he would like to see, rather than provide bugfixes for the game; TUTUfix is the mod for that. BG1NPC is really the content adding mod, any bugfixes and tweaks are sort of icing that happened to be necessary/fun to include.


I don't think that I can strip down the core install further.


I think that with using just core install you will see almost no "added" material (Kagain's bandit is the only visible thing I can think of). However, the game does function slightly different under TUTU, for example there is much better chance to see BG1 banter which was in the game, but rarely triggered under vanilla install.

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