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Thoughts on Xzar


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Goodday People,


I unfortunately do not have BG1 TuTu, but I did read the dialogues. They are very true to what little character is given in BG1. I also must say that the idea is just down right good on it's own.


However, I come to you with a puzzle. At least a puzzle that puzzles my own mind :). As you may or may not know I am coding the Mod for the Wicked and even though many times requested I won't be bringing Xzar back. However, a discussion started about the personality of Xzar and my first MftW NPC Kido. I got inspiration for Kido from a good part from Xzar. I always wondered one thing though, which sometimes grinds me to a hold when it comes to explaining Xzar and I wondered about your opinion on it. Xzar is surely possed as being mad, but is he trully so? He has an int of 17 and even more important a wis of 16, to my knowledge madman's in D&D are generally of chaotic alignments and relatively low wisdom. Does Xzar wear his insanity as a mask? Is there more then meets the eye? I know he needs the wisdom to be a necromancer and I do not wish to say necromancers can not be 'less' sound of mind (I oppose the wisdom requirement), but what of this? Kido is also CE, but has for reasons Wisdom 8, as to show he really does stand in contact with the rest of the world. Does BG1 NPC project ignore Xzar's wisdom for the better of it (which is very understandable). If not, what is the idea behind him still being so mad?


Value your opinion! :)

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I 'd say you can be mad but still have a good grasp of what's going on, in some sense. Being mad does not mean you are unable to take stock of a situation and survive; it means you perceive the world differently from the social norm.

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Hm... Wisdom is partially perception. If you perceive the world differently from the norm (and obviously very wrong) does that not indicate you at least have an impended Wisdom? As you state 'in some sense', that indicates at least towards me a max of 13/14? Not 16, as this is nearly superhuman


[edit] Just on a side note I loved Xzar always (even without TuTu). I first need to play out some lives with BG1 (working on it. It is just too bad I can't convert them) and then I probably install TuTu... I just get annoyed everyone knocking at my door saying I should have made Xzar :) and 'no one' looking at Kido (which is not true, but he I need to act like I am hurt :))

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