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Corrected Proficiencies for NPCs?

Black Elk

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I was wondering if anyone has made a patch for Tutu that would restore NPCs so that their weapon proficiencies are more in line with the original BG?


In tutu it seems like every joinable NPC has proficiencies in a particular fighting style. Its kind of novel the first time around, but now it just seems like the original tutu designers went a little crazy with the "dual weild" thing.


I know that these properties can be edited with Shadowkeeper, but it kind of wears on you after a while... constantly editing and re-editing all the time. Thats why I think it would make a really nice addition to the BG1 NPC project if we included a small patch that would correct this stuff on installation.


I see two reasons why the current Tutu set up is problematic:


1) NPCs with Fighting-Style proficiencies tend to be really over-powered in BG1. Its one thing for the protagonist to take a few slots in dual weild, or two-handed weapon style, but all those extra attacks and AC bonuses really start to unbalance the BG1 combat once everyone has them at the start.


2) Fighting Style proficiencies have a way of narrowing down the possibilities for NPC development. Eveyone starts to become highly specialized in one area and less versitile in others.


Of course we all know that the BG2 engine allows for many more combat possibilites/specializations than were availible in the original. But given the way BG1 was designed, it seems to me that starting proficiencies would be better spent on actual weapon types than on fighting styles. If people wish to add fightying styles in the course of the game thats cool but it seems odd to have them built into the characters from the get go.


Does anyone else feel the same way? Anyone know of a mod that might accomplish this?

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