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Nostalgia Mod


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Well I've pooled the knowledge I've gained so far and come up with the Nostalgia mod. It adds some of the more interesting NPCs who are not mentioned in BG2 as playable NPCs - so far I have Alora, Shar-Teel, Yeslick and Eldoth. I might consider adding Kaigan and Branwen to that list. If people think I've missed out on someone who is deserving of NPCship, tell me. I also plan to add some new stores, items and quests that relate to old BG1 quests and characters. In true BG2 fashion, I've granted my NPCs some unique items and abilities, just to make things interesting.


Alora: has the telescope she was planning to steal from the Hall of Wonders in BG1, which casts Farsight thrice per day, and her lucky rabbit's foot. She can be found in the Promenade.


Yeslick: has the special ability 'Brew Ale', which allows him to create a powerful Ale of Clangeddin potion, which heals 60 hit points and raises all saving throws by 3 for one round.


Shar-Teel: brandishes the Maneater, a two-handed sword that does 1d10 +1, +4 to all males. She can be found in the Copper Coronet.


Eldoth: retains his poison arrow making ability and gains a suit of Ruathym Leather, which allows him to cast spells, and a Melodic Short Bow, which plays 'The Song of the Hunt' (affecting only Eldoth) while he has it equipped, which gives him movement, Freedom and THACO bonuses. He can be found in the Mithrest Inn.


I'm also working on the Melicamp the Ex-Chicken store. Melicamp sells you some new BG1-themed items.

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Please note that some of the NPCs you mention have already been released as BG2 NPCs or are being worked on (Shar-teel, Alora, Xan, Ajantis, Kivan - I thought that Nightmare (or was it Vlad?) had plans for Branwen) - since creating one NPC is a whole lot of work, it would maybe be better if you pick one BG1 NPC which as of now is not yet worked upon.


There should be a nice thread about all BG1 NPCs that are being worked upon for BG2, lingering around this forum - first post by Nightmare, if that makes looking up things easier.

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Hendryk and I have been working on an Eldoth mod--the bulk of the writing's been done for a while, it just (as ever) needs me coding it. Shar-Teel's also in development. Branwen's being done by someone somewhere. Alora's available at CoM, and Kivan's here.

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Oh? You anticipate having any time in the next few months?


What's putting me off getting round to it over other projects mostly is the initial meeting scene, but that's entirely lazyness. The code's nothing out of the ordinary.


EDIT: Typo

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