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BGII mod -- Ravenloft


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Ever since I started playing BGII and its mods I've been wondering about the concept of creating a Ravenloft mod.


For those not familiar with Ravenloft, think World of Darkness meets D&D. It's gothic horror. I like it because it has its own unique flavor to it. Meeting horrible monsters such as werewolfs and the like force the player to make a horror save (think fear save but more difficult) or in extreme cases, a madness save (failing this could actually change your alignment).


Because of all this the challenge of Ravenloft is slightly higher than normal D&D adventures. I just thought it would be a fun idea. I'm still toying with the idea since I'm still learning about modding. Right now I think the story would be something along the lines of the movie Van Hellsing.


I know it would take some work. I'm just curious what other people would think of such a mod.

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