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CamDawg has kindly given us a forum for the Viconia Relationship. The original thread is still available for viewing if you want to.


Currently two relationship talks have been written and coded. A third is currently being finalised.

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Well, its been a good long while since the last update hasn't it? First of all let me say that this project is not dead, it just hasn't made any progress recently. Zandilar has been very busy with RL and so hasn't been able to get any Viccy writing done recently.


I'll tell you all when production gets going again...

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I have some bad news, unfortunately.


The momentum for this project has left me, and unfortunately that means I won't be working on it at the moment.


This is not to say that I won't get back to it eventually.


In the meantime, if anyone is interested in writing for this project, please feel free to contact Grim Squeaker and myself, and we'll see how we can get the Viconia Romance back on track. :)


I'm sorry about this. :)


Thank you all for your support for this project. :)




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