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EasyTutu sans TotSC


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Hello -


As part of the next EasyTutu release, I am currently working on adding support for no-TotSC installations of BG1 (i.e., being able to install and play EasyTutu when you have only the original 5 CD version of BG1). I have no intention of ever supporting a TotSC-less EasyTutu in the same manner as I support having / not having Throne of Bhaal (i.e., separate distributions), but I may have a solution which will allow for playing no-TotSC BG1 using EasyTutu.


If you have BG1 without its expansion and are seriously interested in testing this, please PM me. I've reached a decent milestone in the journal work that is part of the next release (the Prologue, FAI, Beregost, Nashkel, and Nashkel mines finished -- essentially everything through Chapter 2), so I am at a good point to arrange an early private beta in order to test the no-TotSC functionality. If you haven't the time or inclination to do a thorough playthrough of a full Tutu game, please do not respond.


Thanks in advance to any who can be of assistance.

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