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Praise for Kivan

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I also have to add my congratulations- Kivan is by far the most integrated NPC I have ever played. He fits in with the game perfectly, and its like he was always there.


I've only played the romance, and it was very well done- aside from a few minor things I thoroughly enjoyed it. The friendship path sounds extremely interesting as well so I intend on doing that next... :-)


Rest assured, Kivan will be in my party all the time, if possible.

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I didn't want to start a new thread for such a small question, but does Kivan banter/interject etc. with the Yasraena mod? I've had a nasty virus and haven't been able to try it out, it would be really interesting if he did.


Yes. If you install the Crossmod Banter Pack after your NPCs, you'll get 7 Kivan/Yasraena banters in SoA and 3 in ToB. No interjections yet though.

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