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Modifying spell thrust


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I am attempting to modify spell thrust, and running into some weird problems.


Firstly there doesnt seem to be any settings to specify the AOE. I can change it to "Area" but no specify the radius? When i cast it in game there doesnt appear to be any area effect either.


Secondly why is the spell description/name so......weird? I put in "spell thrust, area" for name/description and ingame its using some weird stuff like "i will be back". :p??


Might have something to do with changing the spell name, but im using an un-used spell name.

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It depend what you're doing with your spell. You see, the spell name is a string and that is local to the game it's running on i.e. what's actually stored in the spell file is a number, and the game looks that number up in the game's dialog.tlk (which will say String 23428 = ~Blah blah blah~). Spell editors tend to add the new strings into the local dialog.tlk when you save, but obviously that doesn't help if you're installing with WeiDU on someone elses game.


So when installing the spell with WeiDU you do:


COPY ~foldername/splname.spl~ ~override/splname.spl~
    SAY NAME1 ~Name of Spell~
    SAY NAME2 ~Name of Spell~


This adds that string into the local dialog.tlk and assigns that string number to the spell.


However if you don't do that, your spell has some number which in your game means ~Name of Spell~, but in someone else game that string could say ~I will be back~. Hence the problem.

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Weeeell, you need DLTCEP or if it scares you, you can try some old projectile editor from teambg. I think Clan Dlan still has all the pre-dltcep tools of teambg :p



You can also check the existing projectiles, and choose an area affecting for your spell.

Actually, some 'invisible area effect' projectiles of various AOE are exist, and you can then add a play BAM effect on each single hit, which is 'almost' as nice as doing this with a custom projectile.

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Im not installing anything with weidu....im simply modifying it with IEEP as a new spell.


Well, I told you how to do that if you're just using it for your own copy (using IEEP, just tick the 'parse text' tickbox next to the appropriate bit of text).


However, if you're intending to distribute it for other people's games you will have to use WeiDU to add the string for the spell's name to their game.

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