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Auren's Swords and the Iron Crisis


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I wanted to discuss a thing about Auren.


On the mod page here it stands she saw her old swords crumbling, but to my knowledge (and I am still playing BG1) it goes a bit different. The Iron crisis makes newly forged metal fall to pieces (by the the poisoning of the kobolds), whereas the old ones stay in tact. People find this out because farmers need to change plows, whom have gone corroded or just blunt, or because new swords are needed because of the possibility of the war. As such I think that her history needs to be changed slightly to the fact she noticed everything crumbling around her and she wanted to help or some such...

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Actually her swords DIDNT crumble, that was why she was surprised. And I don't remember an exact time frame of the iron that was made when it was falling apart. What do the rest of you guys think about this? Should it be altered or does it not matter?

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Actually her swords DIDNT crumble, that was why she was surprised.  And I don't remember an exact time frame of the iron that was made when it was falling apart.  What do the rest of you guys think about  this?  Should it be altered or does it not matter?


Auren usually fought with two swords, one which she had picked up in a dungeon during her travels, and another that she had bought in Beregost from Thunderhammer, which appeared to be an ordinary sword, but for some reason showed no signs of deterioration.


Well, to give a little extra thought on this. In her history (I know it isn't the biograhpy, but still (I copied above for clearity)) it is hinted that her sword (the one of Thunderhammer) are perhaps of some special material, which throws me of. Now it depends of course when she got these weapons, but since she in adventuring since her 14th it could be very well her 'Thumderhammer' sword (the other can surely not crumble due to iron crisis as it comes from a dungeon, so I assume it is older (it might be a bit blunt, but he one can alway sharpen it :))) is already a few years old. Then it wouldn't crumble, but that wouldn't be totally surprising... So, it can go two way in my eyes. Either her sword is young, but as hinted from special material (silver against lycanthropes ?? or something, but you kind of notice if a sword is silver) or her sword is much older, but then it is logical it doesn't crumble. She can always adventure for wanting to become famous and helping people, no matter if her swords give in or not, but you kind of get the idea of what I mean.

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I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself..but if you read the overview it clearly says that the swords she normally wielded did NOT crumble...only her normal weapons did...like daggers and her other spare sword...it does not specify WHEN these weapons were bought so we must only assume that they were purchase in the time when the iron deterioration was going on BUT the iron crisis itself wasn't in full blast.


EDIT: Though I see what you mean. She probably shouldn't have been SURPRISED that her usual weapons weren't falling apart...but here's the thing, and I'm not sure if it's important enough to be debated, but I can't find anything that says EXACTLY when the deterioration of iron begins...I mean, sure you're in Candlekeep and you hear the Watchers talked about the iron crisis, but that doesn't mean that EXACTLY when you started the game that the iron crisis began.


Again, what does everyone think?

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The iron crisis must have begun before the iron crisis because:


-Gorion wants us to go and meet Khalid and Jaheira at the Friendly Arm Inn.

-Jaheira and Khalid were supposed to go to Nashkel to fix the problem after their meeting with Gorion.


So at the beginnning of the game, the iron crisis should have already begun. Of you want to be sure, take your BG1 CD, start a new game and go drink a few beers at Wintrhop's, you'll probably hear some rumor about it...


EDIT: Didn't read your whole post, sorry. The watcher indeed speaks about it, so it must have begun before, because there is a certain amount of time between mining, casting swords, selling them, breaking them...

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I remember them speaking about it in Candlekeep as though it had been going on for some time, so it could have been underway for months and only recently becoming a real concern as war with Amn looms. And it need not be her swords crumbling that makes Auren suspicious, it could well be cooking utensils, tools, armour repairs and so on.

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As I am playing BG1 I found something very interesting. If you read Sarevok's Diary, you can read that the iron crisis started in 1369. Later there is noted that he is going to kill Gorion and <CHARNAME>. This is a year later in 1370. Once again all quoted from Sarevok's diary. Thus the iron crisis has been going on for a year when you start with BG1.

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