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The Name of Nintendo's Next-Gen System...


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At least Sega had cool names for their systems.




Original System- prolly one of the best ones


Game Boy- Always thought is was retarded


Super NES- Also cool, but not a cool name.


Super Game Boy- something to be laughed at.


Game Boy Color- Pretty unoriginal


Game Boy Advanced- eh....I dont know, I miss GameGear.


GAme Boy SP- An attempt to make money


64- Okay, kinda jerky, pixelated..I thought PS was better


GameCube- Played it for Metroid Prime and Burnout and thats it.

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I've always had a soft spot for Nintendo, but this is really dissapointing...I'm not even sure what to make of the company anymore.


And yes, Sega was always better. Still, the SNES had some of the greatest JRPGs ever to grace any console. Final Fantasy III, Chrono Trigger, Earth Bound...makes me weak in the knees just thinking about them. I guess my first love will always be consoles, which is why this announcement is just so darn sickening. A act of desperation to get attention? Another crazed attempt at "innovation"? I think they should stick with making good games instead of digging for ways to "innovate" the industry.

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Well, if the name disturbs you that much just do as Nintendo suggested. Call it the Revolution. People will still know what you are talking about.


The only reason they released the official name as Wii now is because they wanted everyone to get over the shock of the new name before E3. As long as the games are fun and the system is a decent price I'll keep playing their games.


Personally, I was always a Sega fan. Nintendo had some good games but there were some on the Sega consoles that were simply more memorable (Phantasy Star 4, Lunar Silver Star Story, etc). Unfortunately, Sega killed itself in the console market because they tried supporting too many systems at once and then complete turning their back on them later on (Sega announced the Sega Saturn only six months after releasing the 32X).

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