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Adding effects


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You can try WRITE_LONG where 0x7fffffff ; it seems to work, but if Avenger is correct, you may just want WRITE_LONG where 0x8888887 (or 6 nines or something smaller). Note that it still won't be permanent, and it may expire forever after a certain duration. (The original code would simply be WRITE_LONG where `(0x1 << 0x1f) , which is BNOT (1 BLSL 31) or 2^31 - 1, assuming you use WRITE_LONG).


If you want your NPC immune to morale failure, you should also add immunity to the morale break opcode (add it after the effect to set the break to 0). There are a select few items and spells that modify the failure cutoff; without the immunity, these will cause instant morale failure (although, if the recovery time is also suitably small, it wouldn't be a big deal).


Hm... then it is easier to just change it in the .cre file itself, but thanks for the warning on the morale thing.


On the .tp2 thing. I reckon I just don't want to gamble with the duration running out, so I guess I unfortunatly need to make an item which is non-removable. I was thinking on a ring. I just don't like to do such stuff.


Oh, and the last guest post was me as well. Forgot to log in...

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