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Good Gravy! I spy progress!



OK, after a hideously busy Real Life couple of months, Cernd's banters are done like a thing which is done. As you can see, it has cost me my ability to make witty comparisons.



That aside, I'm now on to Edwin, and hope to have him done in a similar amount of time, due to the slightly more complicated relationship he has with Aklon. My thanks continue to go out to all of you who have failed to have me assassinated for tardiness and in return I will continue to keep updating you all as progress happens. :(

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Ouch, how did I go three months without posting any progress?




So here's an update to let everyone know how things are going. I've had a badly real-life disturbed couple of months for progress, not least including an attempt to upgrade my computer which resulted in two weeks of downtime while a series of faulty components fried a hard drive and needed multiple return trips to sort out the problems.


Anyway, Edwin banters continue, with seven done so far and about three to go, plus one PC banter involving Edwin. My pace has picked up in the last couple of weeks and I'm hoping to get all of these done before the end of the month.


I'd like to thank everyone again for their patience in sticking with me and I'd like to let you know I'll be trying my hardest to at least finish main writing before the end of this year.

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Gah, another three months, this is getting to be a bad habit.



I meant to post this a few days ago, but real life has been angrily clutching at my spare moments such that it slipped my mind. I do have osme major progress to report, namely that Edwin's banters are completed and I'm not moving on to Haer'Dalis'. He should be a little less complex, so I'm hoping to get him finished up a lot quicker (*knocks on wood* never more fatal words spoke).



As always, thanks to all of you out there who continue to drop by and offer support and interest, I'll keep trying to make the wait worth it!

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Erk, has it really been six months since I put in an appearance here? Well, I've not got much excuse for that, save to say that real life has been particularly intrusive over the last year or so, but I'll keep plugging away, and with some effort, hope to have aklon mostly done before the turn of the century. :)


Well, at last, a little more progress in the progress thread: Haer'Dalis' banters and the romance conflict between Aklon and he over the hand of Aerie are finally done.


Now, I'm beginning work on Imoen's banters, which should take a lot less time overall, due to there being less interaction with the PC and (fingers crossed) a quieter time in real life.

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OK, I know this was promised a couple of weeks ago, but there seems to always be something jumping around to delay me doing stuff. *looks up at date of previous post* Embarrassingly so.


But I'm here now with an up to date news post, coupled with an update for the general progress, so everyone can get a clue on how slow I really am...



So, for current news, Jaheira's banter and talk planning is complete and I've gotten two of her banters written and finished. Not much, but things are settling down at work and I hope to have a bit more free time now.




As for the total work done, the following things are finished:



Main Romance Track


Aklon Flirting


PC Flirting


Player Initiated Dialogues (romance and non romance)


Banters, interactions, NPC romances and conflicts: Aerie, Anomen, Cernd, Edwin, Haer'Dalis, Imoen.





The following things are still left to go:


Friendship Track (partially completed)


Banters, interactions, NPC romances and conflicts: Jaheira, Jan, Keldorn, Korgan, Mazzy, Minsc, Nalia, Valygar, Viconia, Yoshimo, the PC.


Quests (planned, but not written)


Interjections into in-game events (planned, but not written)


Coding (somewhat started, thanks to some generous help from Berelinde)

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Wow, has it really been over a year and a half since I put something up here? My apologies to everyone still around, I really have no idea what happened to 2011, it just seems to have disappeared from my mind (and my writing, it seems).



But I'm here to let you know about what progress has been made, so here we go. Good news, there has been some, bad news, not as much as I (and presumably you) would have hoped.


Jaheira's talks are nearly done now, just a few more to go before I move on to Jan. And to give you some idea of what I've done, Jaheira talks a fair bit with Aklon, and I've got 21 talks and banters with her completed, for a bit over 30 pages of dialogue. You won't see all of it in any given playthrough, because a fair chunk of it is conditional, so depending on what you do, you won't get everything.


I'll do my best to get her completed by the end of January so there'll be a new progress post in less that a stellar orbit this time.

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What? A progress report within a year of the last one? What madness is this?


The madness of progress, that's what.



*coughs* Just not huge progress.



I'm actually a little late in reporting this, but I have now finished up Jaheira's talks and I'm now working on Jan's banters, with some basic ideas already worked out and a little bit of sketching out the banters already. Jan has a lot less to say to Aklon, so I hope to be able to report the completion of his stuff in a much shorter time than Jaheira's took.


Thanks to everyone who stops by to check on what I've managed to churn out, I do appreciate your sticking around!

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What's this? A progress post without six months passing? You bet your sitting appendages it is!


Not a major bit of progress, but to let all of you lurking about know, the banters for Jan are all done and dusted, and I'm now moving on to Keldorn's chatting with Aklon.


Onwards and upwards, and thanks to everyone who's still here to hear. :)

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Oh look, it's another progress post in the same year as the last one! Will wonders never cease?



Again, not a massive update, but just a line to let people know that Keldorn is done with his banters and that Korgan's have commenced. I'm hoping to get him done before year's end and try to keep up some of the pace in future.

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Hard on the heels of the last update (well, for Aklon anyway), we have another small progress update. Korgan's banters are now complete and we are now moving on to Mazzy. Sadly, not quite the end of year timing I had in mind for Korgan, but the pace is keeping better than it has been.

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