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Rilmani - 56k Warning! (2MB of images)

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Since i've had a couple of enquiries from people who want to know what the Rilmani are, i scanned in the pages from the Planescape Monster Manual. Sorry about the poor quality - its been scanned, and then cut and pasted to make one giant JPG, which i had to compress the heck out of to make sure the download size wasnt obscene. But you should get the idea :p










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I dont beleive it is being sold new anywhere, although some second hand traders will no doubt have it around - as far as i'm aware, Wizards do not have any commercial interest in the old 2nd Ed Planescape literature anymore :p If anyone from Wizards takes exception to me publishing information from what is essentially an abandoned mileau, i'm happy to remove it (or for the mods to do so) :p

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Since the articles mention THACO that means they were printed during second edition D&D so by now they are out of print (considering everything else is 3.5 edition).


On top of that, the Planescape novel line has been out of print for years so I don't think you really have to worry over anything about posting it here.

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