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It's ok guys I'm here now, panic over...


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After almost a two year hiatus I'm back for good.


Not really that's a total lie I just thought I'd post and see what's going down. Wanted to swing by chat and see if any familiar faces were about but uni internet seems to block it?


Anyway I'm currently well and good at uni in london (for those of you that remember me, otherwise nothing to see here).


Good to see "the scene" still alive and kicking!


Say hi here if you know me...



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You know what "im coming back for good" means, no? :D


Anyway, hope to see you in #dltc (yeh, still alive with us idlers), #gibberlings3 or #spellhold or wherever :p


Glad you are back! :D


I did say I was lying when I say back for good :D, just saying hi really.


I wanted to go on IRC but my uni internet blocks it :p


Nice to hear from you though! Will get into chat somehow eventually I'm sure...

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So what's new then? Other than forgottenwars disappearing? :p


cool to see some familiar faces still here and at it!


as for DLTC...let's face it, it's kind of dependant on max and he's too busy. Laziness doesn't feature in him. I have it in spoonfuls.


What's the most ambitious project going on at the moment (other than DLTC :p)?

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