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Adding area to worldmap...

Guest Valiant

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Guest Valiant

Hi guys, I need your help, again... :D


I want to add my own area to worldmap with WeiDU. Its a simple area, without any sidelinks, I mean without any N,S,W and E links, just an area as it is... Player will travel to it via scripts, so there´s no need to have these links...


I humble ask all of you, WeiDU masters, if you would be so kind to write a template cod for me here, as I´m really dumb in this...


I´ve seen SConrad´s topic about this in "How-To and Tutorials" section, but as a really WeiDU stupid I don´t understand a thing, so it´s useless for me... Also have studied

Develpoment Wiki, result was the same...


So if somebody is willing to write it for me, I´d be very grateful....Really grateful... For

you it won´t be so dificult... :p


Area name is VA#001


THX a lot...


Valiant, 3d studio master... :p

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I'd suggest you use IETME. It comes with a tutorial covering the creation of worldmaps. However, I never used it, so I can't tell you exactly how it works...but I think it's a good idea you use IETME since it's a graphical interface.

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